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Can you just imagine destiel being cannon and Cas sitting with Dean in a bar? It’d be funny if he’d see a chick checking out Dean and get all possessive and touch and Dean would be so confused it’s be fucking adorable

fill in the blanks

1. name: Jerrica
2. birthday: January 23
3. favourite color: Green
4. lucky number: 7
5. height: 5”1’


1. last dream you remember: The world was ending, I had to save people, afterwards I went to find food and got attacked by a monster, and it turned out to be my best friend and I felt I’d abandoned them. It was horrible.
2. can you juggle: Nope!
3. art/sports/both: Both I suppose.
4. do you like writing: YES!
5. do you like dancing: I’ve been dancing for 16 years, so YES WHAT ELSE!?
6. do you like singing: I do but I find it hard to do in front of people.


1. dream vacation: In a place with a lot of nature, crystal clear waters to explore, and with my best friends.
2. dream guy/gal: Someone who will love me for who I am. Who will love me AND my other personalities, and someone who I can always laugh with. A person I can talk to, trust, and respect.
3. dream wedding: How the fuck am I supposed to know?
4. dream pet: Irish Wolf Hound
5. dream job: Psychiatrist (right now)


1. favourite song: currently-Eaither Problem by Ariana Grande or Youth by Daughter
2. favourite album: I like the Tron album from Daft Punk
3. favourite artist: Ed Sheeran
4. last song you heard on the radio: Monster by Eminem Ft. Rihana

5. least favourite song: Any crappy sounding Folk song
6. least favourite album: I’m supposed to know this how?

7. least favourite artist: Dunno


1. guys/girls/both: Both :)
2. hair colour: Blonde or Ginger
3. eye colour: Blue or Hazel
4. humorous/serious: Humorous with some serious mixed in.
5. taller/shorter: Taller
6. biggest turn-off: Rude/Cruel/Disrespectful behavior to other.
7. biggest turn-on: Humor/kindness/understanding/Respectful 

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